Back Of The Bus and Exciting Times!

Our sold-out performance at the Vancouver International Sketch Comedy Festival went SO well, we decided to celebrate with TWO shows back in Edmonton this weekend! Catch us at Back Of The Bus, an adults-only fundraiser for a young-audiences theatre production, this Friday at 9pm at the Catalyst Theatre. We’ll be playing a set themed around childhood, but it’ll be raunchy as hell, and that’s pretty much how the whole night’s gonna go down. Alternatively/in addition, you can catch us performing sketch comedy with the DĂ©butantes at Exciting Times, this Saturday at 9pm at the Mercury Room. The lineup for that show is STACKED, including two amazing musical acts and a bunch of hilarious comics, so get your tickets in advance or risk being SO SAD (also advance tickets are cheaper!). Look, the most important takeaway here is that you have two chances to see us this weekend and BOTH of them also have Mikey Maybe on the bill, okay? How could you possibly pass that up?


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