Success 5000 is an Edmonton-based duo specializing in musical comedy. They have toured the country, performed on CBC’s The Irrelevant Show, and been featured in comedy festivals such as Vancouver Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest, Seattle Sketchfest, Comedy Country, Sled Island, and Improvaganza. They also headlined and taught several workshops at 2018’s Comedy Country, a rural Ontario festival produced by Toronto Sketchfest. Their most recent album, It’ll Be Okay, was recorded at Resonate Studio in Edmonton and released earlier this year on Double Lunch Records. Their short films have been featured in NextFest and the Edmonton International Film Festival, and their 2018 Fringe production received a 5-star review from Vue Weekly. Self-described as “musical comedy that doesn’t suck,” their songs blend absurd humour with biting cynicism. Reviews have praised their show for its “self-depreciating, nihilistic, and sarcastic humour that’s both current and genuinely hilarious.”

Success 5000’s stage show consists entirely of musical comedy, performed on acoustic guitar, with both members of the duo tackling vocals that manage to be equal parts soulful and ridiculous. The songs themselves range in style from old-fashioned folk ballads to rock anthems and even some acoustic hip hop, but each one is rooted in absurdist humour tinged with a healthy dose of cynicism and self deprecation. Never afraid to get honest, emotional, or just deeply weird, Success 5000 will get stuck in your head for days and your heart forever.

You can contact Success 5000 by phone at 780-913-3242 or by email at success5000comedy@gmail.com

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