Success 5000 At The 2015 Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival (PLUS A Kickoff Show In YEG!)

Success 5000 will be playing at the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival on Saturday, January 17th – 7:30pm at the Waterfront Theatre! Tickets are available RIGHT THE HECK NOW. Other highlights of the festival include KEVIN FREAKIN’ MACDONALD FROM KIDS IN THE HALL. Ahem.

Before we leave town, though, we’re gonna do a big kickoff show at Wunderbar with Gossamer Obsessions and Boxcar, two local sketch groups who are also in the festival AND consist of all the funniest people I know. I’m not lying when I say there might be more hilarity jammed into this event than any other show we’ve ever played… possibly any show that anyone has ever played. It’s gonna be NUTS.


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