More Praise For Rigby Muldoon!

The reviews are in!

“[Director Olivia Latta] gives her actors plenty of latitude with the script’s well-placed jokes, puns and one-liners, and it shows in the crowd’s constant ripple of laughs. Actors Carina Morton (Annie) and Joshua Lee Cross (Rigby) as principals, in addition to Laena Anderson and Robyn Slack deliver slightly off-kilter stereotypes with just the right cartoonish quirks.”
– Anna Borowiecki, St. Albert Gazette

“As I sat watching the show in silent admiration, I realized how unsurprising it was that it had sold out every night it’s been put on. With its non-stop laughs and impressively subtle twists, it is the undeniable progeny of an unrestrained love for all things nerdy, coupled with an innate understanding of the fundamentals of good storytelling.”
-Brad OH, local blogger

Robyn and Laena also stopped by the What It Is podcast during their live tapings on the Fringe grounds for a brief interview, which you can check out here. Only two shows left, and we’ve sold out every other night of the run, so get your tickets fast!

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