Success 5000 is a part of THREE incredible Festivals in June, and we’re ridiculously excited about it! First up, you can catch a development reading of our new Fringe script during NextFest, specifically at 4:30pm on Wednesday June 10th at Cafe Bicyclette. This will be the first time anyone has a chance to hear the new script, AND your input will help us make it even more amazing! It’s like a Hollywood test screening, only not really!

Also, as we recently discussed with Vue Weekly, two of our short films will be screening at the Makerspace at the Stanley Milner Library on a constant loop for the duration of the Festival!


After that, we’re performing TWICE as part of Improvaganza! You can catch us performing at the opening gala at 7pm on Wednesday, June 17th, or as part of the Sketch Comedy Showcase at 7pm on Sunday, June 21st. Both are going to be incredible shows, as the whole festival is stacked with unbelievable international talent!


Finally, Success 5000 will be performing on the outdoor stage in Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park at 83rd Ave and 104th Street as part of Found Fest! Our slot is 4:30pm on Friday June 26th, and be sure to stick around and check out all the amazing found-space theatre and art!


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