Rad Show This Monday! It’s The Day Before Canada Day, You Can Totally Come And Party!

So there’s a new show in town called Massive Mondays, and we’re playing the one that happens at 8:30 this coming Monday, June 30th, at Woody’s on Jasper. It’s been pointed out several times in public forums that this show is hosted by two exceptionally talented lady comics and it takes place at a gay bar, and all of that is FANTASTIC NEWS for the Edmonton comedy scene, which is predominantly white, straight, male, and just generally a little conservative. In fact, I feel bad pointing all this out again, because it makes it sound like the show can’t stand on its own merits as an incredibly funny comedy experience, WHICH IT TOTALLY CAN. It’s just that in a city where there’s so much amazing stuff going on, sometimes new amazing stuff has a hard time finding an audience, and this show really really needs an audience so it can continue to be a thing. SO YEAH. That’s what makes this show important and different and extra-rad. But it’s still really damn funny and you should totally come.

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