Once again, SSC threw all sanity and decency aside and subjected ourselves to the madness that is 24/ONE, a contest in which we were required to write, cast, shoot, edit, score, and submit a six-minute short film. It’s all worth it, though, because with a little luck, our film will be screened as part of the Edmonton International Film Festival this Saturday night!

Okay, so honesty: we can’t GUARANTEE that we’ll be selected. See, they only show the top ten entries, and they don’t tell you who made the cut in advance. However, we’ve made the cut for the past two years in a row (Josh even won Best Actor last year), and we can objectively state that our latest entry is the best we’ve ever made. We have a very good chance of being shown, and we’d love for you to be there when it happens.

Oh, and uh… the top prize is awarded based on votes from the audience, so we’d really, REALLY love for you to be there. Please? The FB Event is here. Our entry this year is entitled “Time”… here’s a teaser to capture your imagination:

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