Deck The LOLs: A Christmas Variety Show

Success 5000 is throwing a big ol’ Christmas party to celebrate the release of their brand new live album! Deck The LOLs: A Christmas Variety Show will feature a wide array of multidisciplinary talent, including rapper Mikey Maybe, musical comedians Space Nunz, stand-up Lisa Baker, improvist Chris Borg, and all-around phenomenon Tim Mikula. This show is also the official release of We’ll Fix It In Post, our live album that we recorded earlier this year! Everyone in attendance will get a free digital copy of the album as our gift to you! For more info, click the poster below.


Kickstarter Reward Songs: “Aliens” and “Robotech”

As part of our current Kickstarter campaign, we’re writing custom, made-to-order songs for some of our backers! The first two are up on our YouTube channel now: one based on Zach’s suggestion of “aliens” and one based on Frederich’s suggestion of “Robotech.” Check them out below, and make sure to support us on Kickstarter to get a custom song of your own!

Kickstarter Campaign For Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation

Friends! As you may or may not know, we shot a short film this past summer called Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation! It’s a 7-minute sci-fi/comedy short based on Success 5000’s hit 2015 Fringe show. We’re ready to put the finishing touches on our film, which mostly consists of adding in cool CGI laser blasts and time warps. And in order to do that, we’re running a Kickstarter!

We’ve got a TON of cool rewards, including exclusive, limited edition T-shirts and custom-written, made-to-order songs by Success 5000. Check it out by clicking the picture below, and please PLEASE share it with anyone and everyone!


Rigby Muldoon at the Edmonton Expo!

This Saturday, Success 5000 and friends will be on a panel at the Edmonton Expo entitled: “Rigby: How To Make A Movie Nobody Asked For.” We’ll be talking about the process of adapting our 2015 Fringe hit Rigby Muldoon: Time Traveller For Hire for the screen, and about making movies without any funding, studio involvement, or support of any kind. Catch us in room 107 at 6:45pm!