Doctor Vampire

Those of you who saw us on Halloween at the basement party will recall the song that inspired this little program; those of you who didn’t will hear it for the first time at the end of the video.  People who came to the Halloween show, be sure to ramble on as loudly as you can about how the version of the song in this video is inferior in every way to the live version, and point out how anyone who didn’t catch the live show isn’t a REAL fan.  You’ve earned a little elitism.

Besides, we’ve totally sold out now; we’ve compromised our sound, and everything after “No Bounds” is total shit.


Josh Reluctantly Talks The Hits

Wanna hear something funny?  This video was originally TWICE AS LONG.  You might assume that would make it twice as hilarious, but you’d be WRONG.  We recorded literally double the number of song clips shown here, and when I edited the whole mess together, it went from mildly amusing around the one-minute mark to excruciatingly unfunny by the ten-minute mark.  Too much of a good thing, I guess.  I much prefer the slick little number we’ve posted here, but stay tuned for those extra clips to pop up in a sequel, or possibly on a DVD as bonus features…