Okay, so I know we’ve been kind of… absent lately. Well, that’s all about to change.

THING ONE: We’re playing a gig on Friday the 18th at the new New City!

THING TWO: We have a new URL! You can now find us at either or

THING THREE: We recorded a full length album! It’ll be available at the gig for cheap, and will cover all of our back catalogue, including all your favourites!

THING FOUR: We combined all of our sketch comedy into one definitive DVD collection! It will also be available at the gig, for super cheap as well!

THING FIVE: We’re doing a podcast! Josh will have Episode 1 up at our new URL (and hopefully on iTunes too!) within 24 hours!

There. Happy now? 😀

Holy Audio Tracks!

Hey chumps!  We’ve got SIX – count ’em, SIX – new audio tracks available! You can check ’em out at our MYSPACE PAGE, or download them from our REVERB NATION ACCOUNT (or via our FACEBOOK PAGE). Now you can throw SSC on your MP3 player and listen to us everywhere you go! YAY!


SCENE Commercial and Chetwynd Gig

Two massively important updates.  First, Said Saviour’s Cock has filmed a commercial for the SCENE director’s chair contest, and we need your help!  Wait, votes.  I meant to say votes.  We need your votes.  So go here:


Also, S.S.C. will be playing an exclusive one-night engagement in our old home-town of Chetwynd BC, at the Public Library on December 23rd.  Alert the masses!


Filming Today

Due to the overwhelming positive response to the trailer for Jesus Cop, Josh and I have decided to continue to pursue film projects.  As a matter of fact, we’ll be out on the town filming this very afternoon!  If you see us on our travels, why not buy us a tasty snack?  Movie-making is hungry work, people.  What are you bringing to the table?


Upcoming Gig!!!

Said Saviour’s Cock will be taking part in a Russian Mixed-Tape Gig on Saturday, September 5th. “What the hell is a Russian Mixed-Tape Gig?” you ask? COME AND FIND OUT, BITCH!

PS: Josh and I signed up for this thing before he disappeared… really not sure what’s going to happen. Hope these auditions start improving, or I may be doing this one alone. Of course, there’s always the faint hope Josh will return… *sigh*


Moving On

This is extremely weird for me, but Josh has been gone for weeks now, and I can’t hide forever.  I don’t know where he went, or if he’s ever coming back, but I know he wouldn’t want the band to suffer the consequences of our disagreement… of my mistake.  I know it will never be the same without him, but there’s not much I can do.  I will try to post a new video soon.  It still hurts too much at the moment.

Also, while I’ve been heavily distracted by these issues, I haven’t been completely hidden under a rock.  A recent passing has had a very personal impact on Said Saviour’s Cock, and I would be remiss not to pay my respects.

Rest in peace, Mr. Mays.  You will live on in our hearts, and we will make sure your message lives on: