CockCast Episode 6: California, Bitches

In this supercool episode, Josh and Robyn discuss some things that I’m not sure I remember discussing. Robyn talks about music for about 15 minutes and then burps into the microphone. Also, round 2 of “To Meme or Not to Meme” is played.

Also, I know we mentioned whipping up some of the made up memes for the show notes, but I’ve been very busy. I mean, the internet isn’t just going to waste it’s own time. You’re lucky you got the episode, what with all the flash games I been playin’.

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*Also, it appears I’ve forgotten to put the opening theme song into the episode. Turns out I suck at this!

CockCast Episode 5: Superman That Show

Ok listen, we have to have a talk. We’ve noticed that you’ve been really great about listening to this show and enjoying our witty witticisms. We get that. However, we need YOU to know that sometimes, Robyn and I get a little lethargic. So, bear that in mind when you listen to this 5 Epiversary edition of the CockCast.

Also, I’m very sorry about the lateness of this episode. Turns out, it’s very hard to edit together an interwebradio show on your deathbed*. It may not be edited together very well, but I tried, dammit.

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*Not really on my deathbed. I’m just a big sick baby.