About saidsaviourscock

Said Saviour's Cock is an underground alt-rock duo specializing in folked-up, punk-coustic college-core. They've been described as "like the spawn of Flight of the Conchords and Tenacious D, if they were brother and sister, and drank heavily during the pregnancy." So yeah, an inbred bastard retarded F.A.S lovechild, if you will.

Success 5000 with Hey! Listen! and Mikey D Sound Machine

After our (hopefully) triumphant return from Toronto Sketchfest, we’ll be performing at the end of March at the Sewing Machine Factory in Edmonton with our good pals Hey! Listen! and Mikey D Sound Machine. It’s gonna be nerdy, video game-ey, and awesome. Don’t miss it!

Success 5000 vs The World!

Did you know that the Rec Room does FREE screenings of movies where local bands play during the intermission? And did you know that on January 3rd, Success 5000 will be performing during a FREE screening of Scott Pilgrim vs The World? FOLLOWUP QUESTION: is this the coolest show ever??

Wednesday January 3rd, 8pm at the Rec Room (1725 99 St)