Success 5000 is excited to announce that after selling out every night of its premiere run at 2015 Edmonton Fringe, Rigby Muldoon: Time Traveller For Hire will return for a one-night-only remount on Saturday, December 19th at the Roxy on Gateway! The evening starts at 7 with a pre-show featuring music, classic video games, screenings of past Success 5000 works, and a silent auction, with the show itself beginning at 8. All proceeds from this event will go towards a feature film adaptation of Rigby in 2016.

Awarded four stars by Vue Weekly, this noir-infused sci-fi comedy follows aimless video game designer Annie Sinclair, who hires professional time traveller Rigby Muldoon to change her life’s path. With no one to trust and a futuristic police force hot on their trail, the unlikely duo are transported back to 1995, with only their wits and their laser tag skills to protect them.

Rigby Muldoon: Time Traveller for hire is an original production written by Robyn Slack and directed by Olivia Latta (of acclaimed found-space theatre company Mischief Managed). Tickets are on sale now!



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