Success 5000 returns to the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival!

That’s right! You can catch Success 5000 at 9:30 on Friday, January 15th at the Waterfront Theatre in Vancouver as part of the 2016 Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival. We’re even sharing a showcase with Peter N’ Chris, who are probably the funniest people in the whole festival/world! Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this one. And lucky for you, tickets are on sale now!



Success 5000 is excited to announce that after selling out every night of its premiere run at 2015 Edmonton Fringe, Rigby Muldoon: Time Traveller For Hire will return for a one-night-only remount on Saturday, December 19th at the Roxy on Gateway! The evening starts at 7 with a pre-show featuring music, classic video games, screenings of past Success 5000 works, and a silent auction, with the show itself beginning at 8. All proceeds from this event will go towards a feature film adaptation of Rigby in 2016.

Awarded four stars by Vue Weekly, this noir-infused sci-fi comedy follows aimless video game designer Annie Sinclair, who hires professional time traveller Rigby Muldoon to change her life’s path. With no one to trust and a futuristic police force hot on their trail, the unlikely duo are transported back to 1995, with only their wits and their laser tag skills to protect them.

Rigby Muldoon: Time Traveller for hire is an original production written by Robyn Slack and directed by Olivia Latta (of acclaimed found-space theatre company Mischief Managed). Tickets are on sale now!