For the rest of the summer, Success 5000 is performing pretty much CONSTANTLY, and it all starts this week! First off, you can catch our free monthly comedy show at the Buckingham this Tuesday, July 28th, at 9pm! As always, there’s an amazing lineup of local talent and prizes for the audience to win, PLUS this month features TWO SPECIAL GUESTS. It’s ridiculous!


But why two special guests? Well, it’s our way of making up for the fact that we won’t be there! We’re hitting the road to perform at the 2015 Saskatoon Fringe Festival. Our show is a musical comedy cabaret featuring all our hit songs strung together with a hilarious through-line with nothing less than THE FATE OF THE WORLD hanging in the balance. Invite all your Saskatchewan-ian friends to this show!


After that, we’ll be back in town for the Edmonton Fringe, where we’ll be debuting an all-new original production. Check back often for more details!

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