NEW FREE MONTHLY COMEDY SHOW: Funny Business at The Buckingham!

Did you think we were done?? Releasing an album AND a music video AND playing like a million shows in March was just NOT ENOUGH, so now we’re gonna host and curate a new, free monthly comedy show on the last Tuesday of every month at The Buckingham. That means the first show is MARCH 31st, and believe me when I say the lineup is STACKED. We’ve got JON MICK, EMILY BURDEN, SIMON GORSAK and CARINA MORTON along with your headliner, the legendary DREW BEHM. There are draw slots for comedians too, so show up by 8:30 if you wanna get on the show! Also, all audience members will have a chance to win FABULOUS PRIZES. Don’t miss this show!


NEW VIDEO: Ballad Of The Working Man

Brand new music video for our brand new single off of our brand new album! Check it out, and then be sure to download Laughcore because there are SEVEN OTHER SONGS that are EQUALLY AS COOL AS THIS ONE. As always, thanks to Katie Cutting and Lazy Kitten Productions for doing all the work on this amazing video… we love you so much!


Thank you SO much to everyone who came out to the show last night! It went fantastically well. The Skips killed it as always, and it felt so great to debut this collection of songs that we’ve worked so hard on in front of so many of our closest friends and family. Plus, there were free hot dogs!

For anyone that missed out: now’s your chance! The album is online, and you can download it from our Bandcamp page for only eight bucks! The new music video will be up on our YouTube channel later today as well.

We’re so happy that we get to share this album with you guys. It’s the most ambitious recording we’ve ever done, and we’re really, really proud of it. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Teaser Trailer For LAUGHCORE (Album Release THIS SATURDAY At The Citadel Theatre)

What’s so special about this new album we’re so excited about?

1. It’s our first album recorded in a professional studio.
2. It’s our first album with a full backing band.
3. The album release show is going to be straight-up INSANE.

Check out a short teaser, and get your tickets for the release show right the heck now! Your ticket also gets you a free download of the album, a free hotdog, AND a pair of 3D glasses that you’ll need to watch the show! It’s gonna get weird, you guys.


This is the big one, you guys. We’re going to be releasing a brand new album with all our newest songs, AND we’re also shooting a brand new video! To celebrate, we’re throwing the wildest party ever with our pals The Skips, who are amazing and hilarious. The whole thing is going down at The Citadel (in The Club, which is the coolest), and your ticket gets you a show, a free copy of the album AND a free hot dog. What? YES I SAID A FREE HOT DOG. Click the super rad 3D glasses for more info!