The Débutantes! Empress Anniversary Show! The Falstaff Project! Weird Al Karaoke!

We have a LOT of shows in March, so here’s some of them:

The Débutantes Comedy Cotillion
Saturday, March 7th – 8:30pm at The Mercury Theatre (11315 106th Ave Edmonton)


We’ll be performing sketch comedy with our side project The Débutantes! Also featuring music from The Skips and comedy from Drew Behm!

Empress Anniversary Show Featuring MARK LITTLE
Sunday, March 8th – 8:30pm at The Empress (9912 82 Ave Edmonton)


Mark Little, you guys! MARK LITTLE. This show is definitely sold out, I’m just telling you about it so you’ll be jealous.

The Falstaff Project
Friday, March 13th – 7:30pm at The Artery (9535 Jasper Ave Edmonton)


A Shakespearean performance followed by a night of live music! Come early for the whole show or arrive late and just catch the bands! We’re sharing the stage with the incredible Luke Thompson!

Weird Al Karaoke
Saturday, March 14th – 9:30pm at Cha Island (10332 81 Ave Edmonton)


Comedians write and perform parody songs to karaoke tracks! Plus we’re headlining! This is going to be THE MOST FUN.

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