Success 5000 at the 2014 Edmonton Fringe!

We’ve been hard at work on a brand new project, and now it’s official: we’ll be debuting a brand new play, A Series Of Grisly Murders At Lonsdale’s Record Shop, at the 2014 Edmonton International Fringe Festival! We’ll be at Venue #22 (Filthy McNasty’s on Whyte), and there will be eight shows over the course of the Festival. Showtimes coming soon!GroupShot3

Wunderbar Show This Sunday PLUS We’re Going To Play On The High Level Bridge!!

First thing’s first: we’ve got some rad new material that not many of you have heard, and your next chance to hear it will be THIS SUNDAY at the WUNDERBAR at 9PM. Five bucks gets you in, the bill is full of hilarious weirdness and you’ll be helping Folk Lordz do what they do, so yeah. CHECK IT.

Secondly, HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS WE GET TO PLAY ON A STREETCAR ON A BRIDGE BECAUSE APPARENTLY THE UNIVERSE DOESN’T SUCK! On Saturday, August 2nd, you can join us for a ride across the High Level at sunset, and a bunch of comedians will make you laugh and then we’ll make you laugh and also dance! I don’t wanna throw around the phrase “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” but… maybe buy some tickets? It’s gonna sell out SO FAST.

Sunday Monday Happy Days! Tuesday Through Saturday… MEH

This Sunday, Success 5000 is HEADLINING at the Empress Comedy Night, 8:30pm at the Empress Pub! We’ve got some old favourites and some brand new, never-before-heard material… it’s gonna be amazing.

Also, on Monday, we’ll be performing as part of a brand new sketch group called the Debutantes! Catch usat Doctor Jokes, 8:30pm at the Wunderbar. The group contains a few familiar faces from Success 5000’s past live shows and sketches, and this will be our first performance ever. Seriously, don’t miss this.