An Announcement And A Present For You!

Alright people, we have an ANNOUNCEMENT to make, and also a PRESENT for you! Are you ready?

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Axe-Wielding Knights Of Rock N’ Roll Camelot is being screened as part of NextFest 2013 in Edmonton! It will be part of the comedy block of the film fest, which happens at the Metro Cinema (old Garneau Theatre) on Sunday, June 16th at 4pm! More info coming soon!

PRESENT: One of the things we heard most after the premiere was “Where can I get a copy of that awesome song Mitchmatic and Mikey Maybe wrote for the credits?” Well, friends, the answer to that question is RIGHT HERE.

If you haven’t seen the movie, know that this rap mentions a few of the major plot points, but is overall pretty spoiler-free. Thank you to everyone who has supported our big dumb movie! Hope we see you on June 16th!

PS: While you’re checking out that song, maybe go download Mitch and Mikey’s albums, seeing as how they’re both AMAZING and THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE LISTENING TO MUSIC. Just sayin.

“Axe-Wielding Knights” Gets All Up In Your News Media

In anticipation of the Axe-Wielding Knights world premiere (this Saturday, May 4th, 4:30pm at the Metro Cinema!), we’ve got a couple of amazing interviews in various publications. First is our sit-down with Sound & Noise, a music and arts site based out of the U of A. Check out the full interview here. Next, Edmonton’s number one independent arts magazine has their own write-up, which you can read in all its glory over here. Feel free to share these all over the damn place, okay? See you all this Saturday!