AXE-WIELDING KNIGHTS to be released May 4th (PLUS new official trailer)

May the 4th is a lot of things. It’s Star Wars day. It’s Free Comic Book Day. And now, I’m pleased to announce that May the 4th is also the date of the premiere screening of The Axe-Wielding Knights Of Rock N’ Roll Camelot, our first feature film. At 4:30 pm at Edmonton’s historic Garneau theatre, Success 5000 will unveil our weird creation to the general public. In celebration of our confirmed release date, here’s an official theatrical trailer that actually shows footage from the movie. It’s about damn time, right?

“On The Bright Side” (Submission to RFTOVC)

Hey guys! We’re very excited to present our brand new short film entitled “On The Bright Side!” We’re also very excited that this film has the potential to win us SO MUCH MONEY. How? Well, that’s where you come in! The winning video will be the one with the most views, comments, likes and favourites in one week’s time. Basically what we’re saying is if you could watch/like/favourite/comment on this video, we’d be indebted to you for life and would legally have to take a bullet for you if the situation ever demanded it. Thank you all in advance! WE CAN WIN THIS THING.