OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER #2 (The Axe-Wielding Knights Of Rock N’ Roll Camelot)

The second official teaser for Success 5000’s upcoming feature, The Axe-Wielding Knights Of Rock N’ Roll Camelot, coming in 2013. This will be the final teaser, meaning that after this comes a REAL trailer, with REAL footage that’s REALLY in the movie! For REAL!

Success 5000 on What It Is

So there’s this super rad local podcast called What It Is, and you should probably go listen to all of their episodes ANYWAY on account of how super rad they are, but you should ESPECIALLY listen to the latest episode because WE ARE ALL UP IN IT. We did an interview, played some songs, talked about our movie, and a whole lot more. It was a ton of fun, and the results are pretty hilarious. Check it out! Subscribe to them! Leave them nice reviews on iTunes!