The first official teaser for Success 5000’s upcoming feature, The Axe-Wielding Knights Of Rock N’ Roll Camelot, coming in 2013. Don’t you hate it when the trailer ruins all the best parts of the movie? US TOO. That’s why here at Success 5000, we’re using B-roll and bloopers as teasers, to completely preserve the integrity of the movie itself. We hope it’s just enough to set the tone and pique your curiosity. A proper theatrical trailer will be released soonish.

Your Song

Success 5000 is proud to present a new-ish tune, live and unplugged at Phillip (that’s the name of Robyn’s house)! This song was previously made available as an mp3, and will likely be featured on a new EP coming to our Bandcamp page very soon. However, we recently realized we’d never released a video for it; hence, this.