New Single And Upcoming Gig!

First thing’s first: SSC has recorded a brand new single, especially for you! Check out The M Night Shyamasong (along with a bunch of our other tracks) on the fancy new Music page of this very site. Also, for a limited time, you can download the new track for free! Do so by right-clicking the link below and selecting “Save Link As.” Hey, it may not be as fancy as iTunes, but it’s fuckin’ free, right?

Download The M Night Shyamasong

In other news, SSC will be playing Troubadour Tuesday at Brixx Bar and Grill on August 9th! Cover is $5, but it looks like if you come before 8pm you don’t have to pay SHIT, and you’ll also make it in time for happy hour specials! TALK ABOUT WIN-WIN, AMIRITE?

We’ll link to the official Facebook event once it exists. In the meantime, mark August 9th on your calendar, cuz if you don’t show up I’m disowning you. I mean, what?  Oh, and did I mention that THERE’S A NEW EPISODE OF THE COCKCAST, TOO?  Maybe you wanna check out the brand new CockCast page on this very site, huh?  YEAH.  MAYBE.