CockCast Episode 1: Of Juggalos and Animorphs.

Lo’! And Behold! Episode 1 of the CockCast is finally here! In this thrilling inaugural episode, Josh and Robyn try to get this whole “podcast” thing figured out. Discussions of old TV shows ensues, and the guys play a rousing round of the clunkily titled “Fight Crime With/Get DNA Mixed Up With In A Teleporter Accident/Sentence To Eternal Damnation Of Your Choosing”. Also, Juggalos are discussed ad nauseum.

You guys have no idea just how lucky you are to have this right now. As we were finishing up the recording process, Robyn’s computer decided to have a seizure. We were choked! Fifty two minutes of awesomeness, gone! Luckily I, in my infinite computer doctor wisdom, managed to find the audio we thought we had lost. “Success!”, I shouted in triumph. “Eat dookies, MacBook!”. The MacBook said nothing in reply. It knows what it did.

A couple things you need to know for this episode:

1. This is Cool Spot

2. This is Fido Dido

3. This is Miles Thirst

You wanna download this episode, right click and save this BIOTCH.

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