A Story

I wrote a story about a sandwich today.  This is it:

Once there was a sandwich.  It had cheese and lettuce and sliced turkey and mayonaise and mustard and also it had butter on one side.  The bread was French bread.

It was sitting on a plate.  Sometimes when I make a sandwich, and I’m going to eat it right away, I just get a piece of paper towel and fold it in half and put the sandwich on the paper towel so I won’t have to do as many dishes, but this one was on a plate.  I probably didn’t make it.

I just remembered that the sandwich was made by my old roommate Darryl.  One time Darryl got really drunk and tried to make a milkshake, but he put in too much ice cream and it wouldn’t mix, so we had to eat it out of the blender with spoons.  The sandwich also had tomato on it.

Suddenly, the sandwich was eaten… BY A SNAKE!!!

by Robyn Slack

Josh read my story and said that he saw the twist ending coming, but I don’t think he actually did, because I’m a very good writer.


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